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Our Story

Stephen and Tricia Preston are a husband and wife team,

From a small town in Ontario, they started to dream,

Of a Funtastical world filled with laughter and fun,

And colours and sounds there for everyone.


Tricia kicked it all off with her whimsical designs,

And she put them on paintings, and books, and on signs,

But there was one thing she knew that she couldn’t align,

Because Tricia, she knew that her art needed rhymes.


She got her man Stephen, the musical sort,

Cause she knew that she needed his loving support,

And he started to rhyme her stories with ease,

Together they realized that this was a breeze.


They’ve focused on stories and music and art,

and reading in schools, to encourage the heart,

Awakening dreams that are deep down inside,

Releasing the vision through art, song, and rhyme.


And that’s how their business, it came to be,

Encouraging people to live creatively.

You can join the adventure and follow along,

By visiting us at

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