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Reno my caboose!

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

So this past year we had a lot of transition in our life. After living my whole life in the small town where my parents were raised, my husband and I took the plunge and moved out of my home town! We had landed on a property that we labeled the "dream home," and started the painful process of selling our home and buying another! I say painful because it was not an easy process or transition (but that's another story). However, after much prayer, we relocated to the "Dream Home." One of the highlights of this beautiful property is that it has a caboose on it! With its own train track!!!

With wide eyes, and child like excitement, we began to dream what we could do with this amazing old caboose! Like visions of gum drops and sugar plums, ideas began to dance through our heads! Fun, creativity and joyful... a place for families and kids, to celebrate one another and to create amazing experiences to remember!

A bit of history on the caboose... It was built anywhere from 1910-1913. It once rode the rails of the Grand Trunk Railway. It spent many years parked in the McDonalds parking lot on Highland Rd. in Kitchener where thousands of little people celebrated their birthday! (I had once been as a little girl for a friends birthday party) and then in the early 90's was moved to the Stratford McDonalds. It was later bought by the previous owner of our current home and landed here around 2007! It now sits nestled in the big evergreen trees and beautiful gardens.

Steve hard at work at this rate we will have this done in a week!!

The discovery and adventure has begun with what this place can be! As awesome as this old wooden caboose is, there is also a lot of work to be done! Layered underneath the faded and tinted vinyl siding lay old wooden planks, with chipping paint, worn floors, and doors that barely shut. We have our work cut out for us! SO, we say let the renos begin! Bit by bit we will get there!

Stay tuned for more of RENO MY CABOOSE!!!

underneath this beaten up vinyl siding lays painted yellow wood from the early 1900's

I love that this caboose is still on it's track!

Old steel doors in need of some repair! Ok a lot of repair

Chipping paint but sturdy steps all aboard!

Inside the Cupula!

this cupula is going to make a really awesome look out!

In need of a good sand blaster and some fresh paint!

and here lies the first project...patiently chipping away caked on paint!

Stayed tuned for more progress and finds!

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