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Funstastical Studios


Stephen and Tricia Preston are a husband and wife team,

From a small town in Ontario, they started to dream,

Of a Funtastical world filled with laughter and fun,

And colours and sounds there for everyone.


Tricia kicked it all off with her whimsical designs,

And she put them on paintings, and books, and on signs,

But there was one thing she knew that she couldn’t align,

Because Tricia, she knew that her art needed rhymes.


She got her man Stephen, the musical sort,

Cause she knew that she needed his loving support,

And he started to rhyme her stories with ease,

Together they realized that this was a breeze.


They’ve focused on stories and music and art,

and reading in schools, to encourage the heart,

Awakening dreams that are deep down inside,

Releasing the vision through art, song, and rhyme.


And that’s how their business, it came to be,

Encouraging people to live creatively.

You can join the adventure and follow along,

By visiting us at

A story grabs hold and it won’t let you go

It stays in your heart, and it’s there that it grows.

So stories we tell, and we tell them in style

With music and laughter, that will cause you to smile.


We add in some art, and inspired you’ll be

To come up with your own unique creativity

We doodle, and draw, find an allegory

That’s waiting to be discovered in your doodle story


To finish it off, we’ll add in a tune, 

Inspired on the spot, by your doodle cartoon

So book us today, and we’ll tell you a fable

at your school or event, or even your table.

Come pick up a pencil, or canvas and paint

There’s much to be learned, I’m sure you can’t wait.

By yourself or with friends, come try some new skills

Your project will fill you with laughter and thrills.


On paper, on canvas, on wood, or on rocks

Or maybe on sticks, or an old cardboard box

Just about anything can be used don’t you see

As you tap into your own creativity.


We doodle to find what is there deep inside

And we’ll bring it all out of you, we’ll be your guide

So come hang with us to explore and create 

Go ahead, book it now, come on, book your date.

A song tells a story, oh yes it is true,

And what is the story that’s inside of you?

Come let us explore how to bring out your song,

And an instrument we’ll learn, so we can play along.


It might be ukelele, or maybe the bass,

violin, piano, or guitar with its case.

We’ll record what is made,

and we’ll add in some drums

And we’ll make up some words

and see what it becomes.


I know there will be many laughs as we write, 

Especially if no idea’s in sight

But don’t worry or fret, we will get there, you’ll see

You will have your own song to show you’re family!

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